As an initiative initially championed by major companies throughout the oil and gas sector, it is fast becoming a recognised requirement of the transient workforce across the engineering and construction sectors.

But how easy is it to achieve? Connected Competence has been developed in a way to make it as easy as possible to obtain because, quite simply, we know you’re busy. We want you to be able to take the tests and be back at work in as little time as possible. This is not only in your interests but in the employers’ too. So here’s how it works…

Take your technical tests at a test centre near you

The technical tests involve practical, common activities within your trade, so you need to do them in a test centre. We have approved test centres conveniently located throughout the UK, making them easy for you to access. Just make sure that the centre you choose offers the technical tests you need for your discipline.

The number of tests you need to take will depend on your discipline. For example, there are five tests for pipefitting, but just one for thermal installation. You can find out how many tests are required by downloading the role profile on the Disciplines page of our website.  

Once you have completed Connected Competence technical tests, you’re all done and dusted until you need to refresh them in 3–4 years (depending on your discipline). But remember – there is no increase in difficulty in the tests. The goal of these assessments is simply to prove base, standardised and continuous technical competence. All the stuff you already know! 

A reminder of why you need Connected Competence

There’s lots of information on our website, and our FAQs page is especially helpful. But here is a quick reminder of why you should be looking to get Connected Competence certified as soon as possible…

  • It’s an industry-backed certification and more and more companies are seeing it as the base standard requirement.
  • It’s becoming a standard part of industry training, so newly qualified workers will already have it as they enter the workforce.
  • It gives you ownership of your skills and achievements. You’ll have direct access to an online portal that makes it easy for you to share your records with prospective employers.
  • You’ll get a digital badge for each technical test you pass, plus a trade award badge when you complete the whole set. These showcase your skills and can be shared on your online profiles to instantly demonstrate base technical knowledge and skill. 
  • It’s transferable between assets, industries and even sectors, opening up quicker mobilisation without having to undergo tests at every deployment. 

Transient workers – book your technical tests now

So, book your test today!