I previously worked onshore as a rope access technician in various roles, but I needed change and wanted to go back offshore.

Bilfinger offered that opportunity and being one of the leading industry providers, I was more than ready when I was offered a position.

Connected Competence is a means of gauging, testing and evaluating an individual technician’s personal skills, knowledge and ability in a given role.

This is essential as every technician should have a good understanding of the role they are employed in, health and safety and be able to demonstrate that they are capable of doing that job.

After the technical tests, I came away not only satisfied with my own skill and ability but also with some new knowledge gained from the teaching process.

The positive impact of Connected Competence has been an awareness of your own skills and abilities, and a better working knowledge in all.

The effect on Fabric Maintenance for us has been noticeable, as though we were already aware of what we were looking for and doing, this has just aided in enhancing our existing awareness and experience.”

It has also created better working knowledge as a team.

I can only speak for myself and my squad, but I do feel that there has been positive growth within the team due to the implementation.

Jonathan Buchanan


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