Why do I need it?

Connected Competence is for time served and / or experienced workers who will likely have achieved a base standard of technical competence at a certain time in their career. Nobody likes to have to prove what they already know but Connected Competence assures you remain current and up to date with your technical knowledge and skills. Working in the engineering construction industry can involve hazardous environments, and if the job isn’t done properly, you and your colleagues could be at risk. By everyone being up to date with Connected Competence, all involved are assured they are working from a safe standard and demonstrating current technical competence.

What’s more, it gives you ownership of your skills and your achievements. Once you have completed Connected Competence, you will have access to an online record which you can share with prospective employers, meaning it stays with you until your currency of competence is refreshed (every 3–4 years).

What’s involved?

You may be asked to undertake a one-off knowledge test, which covers multiple-choice questions across your trade discipline. This can be taken online or at a nearby ECITB test centre, which are spread out across the UK. A successful test result is valid for six months, during which you will need to complete a technical test or series of technical tests at a test centre, which are based on practical, common activities within your trade. Once successfully completed you will be Connected Competence-certified for 3–4 years, depending on your specialist trade. At the end of this period, you will renew your current competence by resitting the technical test(s). The tests are set to demonstrate base technical knowledge and skill and there is no increase in difficulty – the goal of these assessments is to prove base, standardised and continuous technical competence.

Leading companies already using Connected Competence

Transferable skills and credentials

Showcase your skill! Connected Competence is transferable between sectors. You’ll be able to prove you’re technically competent to transfer from working in one job role to another as your employer or the industry evolves.

  1. You’ll have full ownership of your assured skill.

  2. Recognition of current competence will move with you, be it when you change jobs with your employer within a sector, or transfer to another one.

  3. Your technical competency is valid for 3–4 years, depending on your trade specialism. After this time, you only need to undertake the technical tests again to continue to show your demonstrate ongoing competency and for it to be assured against a recognised standard.

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