Connected Competence now recognises CompEx (Modules 1-4) within it’s Trade Award accreditation.

This means that where there is a CompEx equivalent electrical test (shown below), the worker can still apply for a Trade Award Badge and be exempt from completing the Connected Competence Test / Assessment, but only if the worker has a valid CompEx certification. A Trade Award Badge is an easily recognised method of proving full technical competence across your trade discipline.

Electrical Installation

  • TIE04 Install Electrical Distribution Final Systems
  • TIE08 Installing AC Electrical Motors
  • TIE15 Installing Support Systems
  • TIE16 Installing cables in an Intrinsically Safe system (or CompEx Equivalent)
  • TIE17(Ex) Install, Gland and Terminate Power Cables (or CompEx Equivalent)



Electrical Maintenance

  • TEM03 Testing Portable Equipment
  • TEM05 Battery and UPS Systems
  • TEM06 Inspect, Test & Maintain Industrial switchgear equipment
  • TEM10 Hazardous area inspection of electrical equipment (or CompEx Equivalent)
  • TEM14 Periodic Inspection of a 3-phase system



To request your Trade Award Digital Badge using your CompEx certificate please email attaching your valid CompEx certificate or speak with your Connected Competence employer.