Why is it important?

Assuring technical competence is vital to you and your workforce to ensure everyone works safely and securely and that the safety of your workforce is never compromised. Adopting a recognised base level of technical competence assurance means everyone is working to the same standards, proving their competence regularly and keeping up to date with current National Occupational Standards (NOS).

You can also reap the benefits of having the same level of shared technical competence throughout your teams and across your peers in industry, allowing for competence achievements from previous employers to be recognised in your organisation instead of starting from zero. You can then build on these achievements to continue ongoing competence assurance. This circle of skills that Connected Competence provides means that you will be able to mobilise workers and fulfil stakeholders’ needs more quickly while reducing recruitment and mobilisation costs.

The benefits do not stop here. Employers have visibility of workers Connected Competence credentials, which can be accessed quickly and directly online without accessing sector specific or company specific databases. This means no chasing certificates, no duplication of training courses and reduced overall costs.

Future-proofing your workforce

As the landscape of engineering and construction constantly evolves with new technology, practices and procedures, it requires employers to be able to adapt and transfer workforce skills. Connected Competence enables just this with non-sector-specific, transferable assessments that prove standardised technical competence.

The vision for Connected Competence is that leading companies like you, along with the key industry stakeholders, will commit to mandating standardised testing, and will work with Connected Competence-accredited employers. So this is the time to get ahead of the game, future-proof your workforce with Connected Competence and show that you can swiftly provide a safer, more competent workforce as the landscape changes.

Leading companies already using Connected Competence

Connected Competence is an industry-led initiative, which demonstrates a clear commitment to improving safety, as well as increasing the mobility and transferability of a safe, skilled, and productive workforce.

Shaun Poll, SVP Operations, Worley

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