The Connected Competence Council

The Connected Competence Council is chaired and represented by senior leaders in industry through contractor and operator organisations, industry associations and Government agencies to provide industry leadership and influence to support safety and efficiency gains through cross-sector collaboration.

The standardisation and assurance of technical competence across the sector will allow the engineering and construction workforce to move seamlessly within the industry and mobilise across the energy sectors.

The Connected Competence Delivery Group

The Delivery Group is accountable to the Connected Competence Council and functions as the project execution team responsible for delivering the ambitions of the Connected Competence initiative by championing and strengthening links across industry. The Delivery Group members embark on sharing good practice and lessons learned as well as ensuring the Code of Practice is maintained throughout their organisation from senior management to operational levels.

The Connected Competence charter

This industry charter, signed by members of the Connected Competence Council and supported by the ECITB, is a collective commitment to align and apply agreed base standards of technical competency in specific trades within the Engineering Construction Industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a base technical standard of competence for the workforce employed by the member companies. The workforce will achieve and sustain a level of competence that is not only transferable but will also help to attract new entrants to our sector.

The Commitment

In pursuit of this, I undertake that my business will:

  1. Invest in time and resources to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of this process and comply with the associated Code of Practice.
  2. Follow the process as far as is reasonably practicable. Deviations are by exception only and will be managed internally within each company and not reflected within the common database
  3. Continue to engage in open and transparent dialogue with the other members of this group to ensure the success of this process and by aim of guarantee support a more transferable and competent workforce.
  4. Commit to long term engagement with this group by sharing lessons learned to further promote collaboration and continuous improvement.
  5. Promote and champion the benefits of Connected Competence in industry engagements and forums.
  6. Ensure the ongoing representation and engagement of my Company at a sponsorship level.

Leading companies trust Connected Competence

Our charter is signed by these companies.


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