The Connected Competence Council

The Connected Competence Council is chaired and represented by senior leaders in industry through contractor and operator organisations, industry associations and Government agencies to provide industry leadership and influence to support safety and efficiency gains through cross-sector collaboration.

The standardisation and assurance of technical competence across the sector will allow the engineering and construction workforce to move seamlessly within the industry and mobilise across the energy sectors.

The Connected Competence Delivery Group

The Delivery Group is accountable to the Connected Competence Council and functions as the project execution team responsible for delivering the ambitions of the Connected Competence initiative by championing and strengthening links across industry. The Delivery Group members embark on sharing good practice and lessons learned as well as ensuring the Code of Practice is maintained throughout their organisation from senior management to operational levels.

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Find out more about our Connected Competence Client Charter, and Employer Charter.

Our Charters

Connected Competence Council Current Members

  • Shaun Poll, Worley (Chair)
  • Keith Scott, Petrofac (Delivery Group Chair)
  • Sandy Bonner, Bilfinger
  • Stuart Smith, Wood
  • Steve Hunt, Stork
  • Paula Smith, Aker Solutions
  • David Hutchinson, Semco Maritime
  • Olivier Renauld, Ponticelli
  • Dan MacAteer, Worley
  • Stuart Oswald, Petrofac
  • Bernard Reith, TotalEnergies
  • Maggie Braid, Harbour Energy
  • Scott McGinigal, CNOOC
  • Jim Patience, CNRL
  • Sheila Keddie, Spirit Energy
  • Paul McGuigan, Scottish Government
  • Sarah Shakespeare, NSTA
  • Jenny MacDonald, Skills Development Scotland
  • Andy Brown, ECITB
  • Lynsey Benson, ECITB

Connected Competence Delivery Group Current Members

  • Keith Scott, Petrofac (Delivery Group Chair)
  • Stephanie Broadley, Bilfinger
  • Karen Jenins, Wood
  • Keith Berry, Petrofac
  • Christine Hay, Aker Solutions
  • Vicky Moir, Stork
  • Emma Rodriguez, Worley
  • Irene Bruce, OEUK
  • Tracy Middleton, Stork
  • Alan Hurry, PBS
  • Lynsey Benson, ECITB


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