TPF05 Hot work preparation of welded pipework
TPF08 Fabricating and installing pipework supports
TPF10 Hydrostatic pressure testing of pipework systems
TMJI10 Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Flanged Joints
TPF11 Interpret drawing information and assemble threaded pipework


TPL01 Marking out plate and structural steelwork from drawings
TPL03 Setting out platework and rolled steel section from drawings
TPL08 Hot work fabrication and inspection of steelwork
TPF08 Fabricating and installing pipework supports

Electrical Installation

TIE04 Install Electrical Distribution Final Systems
TIE08 Installing AC Electrical Motors
TIE15 Installing Support Systems
TIE16 Installing cables in an Intrinsically Safe system (or CompEx equivalent)
TIE17 / TIE17(Ex) Install, Gland and Terminate Power Cables (or CompEx equivalent)

Electrical Maintenance

TEM03 Testing Portable Equipment
TEM05 Battery and UPS Systems
TEM06 Inspect, Test & Maintain Industrial switchgear equipment
TEM10 Hazardous area inspection of electrical equipment (or CompEx equivalent)
TEM14 Periodic Inspection of a 3-phase system

Mechanical Maintenance

TMF01 Precision measurement
TMF07 Aligning, levelling and setting plant and equipment
TMM01 Maintaining hydraulic systems
TMM02 Maintaining pneumatic systems
TMM05 Maintaining centrifugal pumps
TMJI10 Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Flanged Joints

Instrument and Control Maintenance

TMI01 Pressure measurement and control systems
TMI02 Level measurement and control systems
TMI04 Temperature measurement and control systems
TMI14 Flow measurement and control systems
TMI17 Maintain, calibrate and commission a process control valve
TSBT02 Disassemble and reinstall SBT assemblies

Thermal Insulation (4yearly cycle)

TTI01 Thermal Insulation

Industrial Coatings Application (4yearly cycle)

TICA-P01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure)
TICA-A01 Industrial Coatings Airless Spray Application
TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application


TML03 Move an uneven load safely through an obstructed area using a lift plan

Appointed Person for Rigging

TAP01 Producing a rigging operation plan work pack

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