Protecting your interests

As a stakeholder, you want to protect your assets – physically and financially. Connected Competence supports employers’ commitments to working in a safe and responsible way. It helps to mitigate work-related incidents by assuring a certified base standard of technical competence for workers that Connected Competence employers mobilise to your asset.

Engineering a sustainable future

The vision for Connected Competence is that leading companies like yourselves will commit to mandating testing to assure current competence and will work collaboratively with Connected Competence employers to embed a recognised and accepted base standard across industry.

The benefits of this will be powerful. Increased levels of efficiency, productivity and safety lead to a more cost-effective operation. Not only does more work get done in less time, there is less risk of safety incidents occurring – all of which equates to financial gain.

What’s more, Connected Competence credentials focus on base technical competence, meaning they are generic in nature and fully transferable across sectors and companies, so employers will be able to mobilise workforces quickly and respond promptly to shifting portfolios and changing landscapes.

Leading companies already using Connected Competence