By this point, Connected Competence will be on your radar. You’ll be hearing lots of talk about it throughout the industry as more of your colleagues take the technical tests to demonstrate their current competence. Some of the big players in the industry may have even asked you for digital badges following the mandatory requirement in the recruitment process and ongoing demonstration of base competence assurance.

While we’ve had some amazing feedback from those who have taken the tests, we understand that there is still some apprehension about the technical tests. So we are bringing you a series of insights where site-based workers just like yourselves answer questions about the tests they’ve taken. 

We’re starting with Robert, an Instrument & Control Technician with 25 years of experience behind him, who recently took the following Instrument and Control Maintenance tests at AFST, Aberdeen:

TMI01Pressure measurement and control systems
TMI02Level measurement and control systems
TMI04Temperature measurement and control systems
TMI14Flow measurement and control systems
TMI17Maintain, calibrate and commission a process control valve
TSBT02Disassemble and reinstall SBT assemblies

What made you book your Connected Competence technical tests?

I was instructed to do so by an employer who I wanted to work for. They advised all site-based workers now need to demonstrate their ongoing technical competence against the same minimum standard across industry. Booking was easy, I found details on the Connected Competence website and called the training provider to arrange a suitable date and time.

Did you know what to expect before you came?

Yeah, I got a pack of paperwork telling me the five exams that I’d be doing.

Did you find any of the tests difficult? And if so, what parts were difficult?

Working on different test equipment that you hadn’t worked on before was a little challenging. But we had time to work through it. All the booklets were there, and we were pointed in the right direction by the instructor. So it was all quite good, actually. It was a learning experience as well as a test. So I got some knowledge from doing the test too.

Which test did you actually do today and which did you find easiest?

The easiest was the pressure switch. They’re quite standard, just taking up rising and falling. We also did the displacer level transmitter, the flow, the control valve (we stripped it down), and then changed the packing and the temperature. I quite enjoyed it.

Did you feel under pressure at any time during the test?

No. I think because the instructor was very good. He put us at ease and everything was good. I enjoyed it.

What would you tell your colleagues at work regarding this test?

I’d say, don’t be concerned. It’s something you do every day and there’s no sort of pressure – you’ll pass and be okay. I was a little bit concerned, but it turned out okay.

Take a look at this video of Robert carrying out some of his tests:

We really hope this worker story has answered some of your questions and alleviated any worries you might have about the technical test. Connected Competence is a positive step in your career and will open up many opportunities for you.

Why not book your tests today?  And if you have any other questions, you find the answers on our FAQs page or in our blog: Connected Competence – Your Questions Answered.

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