Over the past few months, Connected Competence has been supporting Step Change – an organisation that fights to make the industry the safest it can be – in its focus on the Prevention of Personal Injury. It has been acknowledged that while other hazardous industries, such as aviation, provide regular, ongoing personal development training as often as every six months, there has, until now, been no such standarisation in engineering construction.

Connected Competence counts towards your duty of care

Connected Competence is an industry-led endorsement which has been designed to help workers fulfil and maintain their duty of care by ensuring that they are able to demonstrate ongoing base technical competence for site-based activities. It also gives the worker ownership of their skills and allows potential employers to see that their technical skills are current and up to date, speeding up mobilisation for jobs.

By refreshing base technical competence every three to four years (depending on the discipline) through a series of technical tests, it can be guaranteed that everyone is working to the same recognised base standard needed for today’s working environments. The bottom line is that it avoids skills becoming rusty, reducing the risk to both workers and their colleagues.

To find out more about Connected Competence, and how you can demonstrate your ongoing technical competence, visit www.connectedcompetence.co.uk

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