The application and standardisation of base technical competence across the Engineering Construction
Industries is reinforced by the recognition of CompEx standards within the industry-led Connected
Competence scheme, sending a powerful message to the workforce in promoting a joined-up approach
across industry competence assurance organisations.

As part of assuring a common base-level of technical competence across the Electrical Installation
Technician and Electrical Maintenance Technician trades, workers who have a valid CompEx certificate will
be accredited prior certification against specific technical tests which will be recognised through a jointly
branded ‘Digital Badge’ and acknowledged by leading employers.

Through a collaboration between the ECITB, Industry Technical Authorities and Subject Matter Experts and
Approved Training Providers the Connected Competence Electrical tests were agreed as the minimum base
standard for demonstrating currency of competence, aligned against National Occupational Standards. As
part of this review ‘hazardous areas’ was identified as a requirement for demonstrating base technical
competence and the two organisations worked together to ensure alignment against CompEx modules 1-4
(gas and vapours).

Daniel Graham, an Electrical Installation Engineer with Worley was one of the first recipients of the jointly
branded digital badge and commented “I’m delighted to receive recognition from both Connected
Competence and CompEx which confirms my technical competence across the trade activities without
duplicating time and effort. The digital badge was easy to accept and a good way to keep ownership of my
own achievements. Daniel has shared his Digital Badge with his co-workers so they can have confidence in
working safely alongside Daniel in hazardous areas.

Chris Claydon, ECITB CEO says “The alignment of standards, agreed with industry stakeholders is a key
objective in reducing the cost of competence to aid transferability of skills. We’re delighted that CompEx
and the ECITB are aligned and working together to support industry in this way.”

Huw Bement, Executive Director, CompEx, says “Our purpose is to support competent and safe working
practices in hazardous areas. The ECITB’s recognition of CompEx certification creates a coherent and
accessible approach that incorporates critical knowledge and skills for working in explosive atmospheres within the wider context of occupational competence. Collaboration between CompEx and ECITB
underlines our joint commitment to supporting the engineering construction sector.”

John Boland, Regional Officer from Unite the Union said “Unite have been working with training providers
and the Industry for a number of years to standardise and align, training and certification. This agreement
between ECITB and CompEx is a good step in the right direction of achieving that goal.”

Requirements for assuring base-level technical competence across Electrical occupations


TIE04 Install Electrical Distribution Final Systems

TIE08 Installing AC Electrical Motors

TIE15 Installing Support Systems

TIE16 Installing cables in an Intrinsically Safe system (or CompEx Equivalent)

TIE17(Ex) Install, Gland and Terminate Power Cables (or CompEx Equivalent)


TEM03 Testing Portable Equipment

TEM05 Battery and UPS Systems

TEM06 Inspect, Test & Maintain Industrial switchgear equipment

TEM10 Hazardous area inspection of electrical equipment (or CompEx Equivalent)

TEM14 Periodic Inspection of a 3-phase system

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